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Comodo Essential SSL Certificate

Quick and basic encryption from a popular brand

brand comodo ssl certificate

Comodo Essential SSL Features

Comodo Essential SSL Plan

Essential SSL Certificate (DV)

$22.40 Annually

Essential SSL Certificate (DV)

$39.20 Biennially

Comodo Essential SSL Specifications

Comodo Essential SSL certificate is one the most affordable solution and Wide Range of Needs to validate domains and to secure e-commerce transaction with its robust end to end encryption. As it complied with US NIST Standards, therefore entry level e-commerce website admins adopt it to secure their customer’s financial information.

Compatible With Browsers


SSL Mobile Compatibilities

mobile browsers

SSL Security Encryption Site Seal And Warranty

SSL Security Encryption

The Comodo Essential SSL certificate offers basic 128-bit encryption and can also be issued encryption strength up to 256-bit. likewise this certificate is signed with a 2048-bit root.

SSL Site Seal

This certificate includes the trusted Comodo Secure Site Seal, one of the most recognized seals on the internet. However, because this is a standard Domain Validated (DV) certificate.

SSL Warranty

The Comodo Essential SSL certificate is backed by a standard $10,000 warranty. So, In the unlikely event that your site is breached and a customer of yours incurs losses because of this breach, you will be compensated for up to $10,000 by the Certification Authority (CA), Comodo.

ssl secure encrypted connection

SSL Issuance and Reissue

unlimited access lifetime web

Unlimited Server License

Most other Certificate Authorities’ SSL Certificates are only licensed for one physical server. But with Comodo SSL Certificates’s , you can use your certificate on as many servers as you want. as a result You can even generate separate certificates with unique key pairs for each server. That’s the ultimate in flexibility.

Free Unlimited SSL Certificate Reissues

Most of Comodo SSL Certificates, including Comodo Essential SSL Certificate not restricted with 30 day time limit for reissuing certificates, and no limit on the number of times you can have your certificate reissued.

Benefits of SSL Certificate Reissues:

re issue


Money cashback

SSL Certificate Help Center

SSL Installation Service

Don't want to do it yourself? Let one of our experts install your SSL Certificate for you! Shop Now

SSL Tools

These SSL tools are available to our customers and resellers to help with common SSL issues. Use Our SSL Tools

SSL Certificates FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. At the core, this technology helps to secure an internet connection and protect any data that’s transferred between a browser and a web server.

By encrypting and securing any data that passes through this connection you help to prevent any data theft or hacking. However, if any data is stolen from this connection it’ll be impossible to decipher since it’s encrypted.

The validation process for the domain validated (DV) certificate is pretty simple. Here, the user only needs to prove the domain ownership to the certificate authority (CA). SSL certificate authority can ask for email verification, file bases verification, or can check website’s web registrar’s information to validate the domain.

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It is highly advanced and secure version of HTTP. It uses the port 443 for Data Communication. HTTPS allows the secure transactions by encrypting the entire communication with SSL.

On the other hand HTTP sends data over port 80 and No encryption in communication.

As a result : We highly encourage you to think about switching over to HTTPS.

A Certificate Authority (CA) or Certification Authority is an entity that issues digital certificates.

Anyone can issue SSL certificates, but those certificates would not be trusted automatically by web browsers. Certificates such as these are called self-signed. The Certificate Authority (CA) has the responsibility to validate the entity behind an SSL certificate request and, upon successful validation, the ability to issue publicly trusted SSL certificates that will be accepted by web browsers. Essentially, the browser vendors rely on CAs to validate the entity behind a web site.

The browser requests that the web server identify itself. The web server sends the browser a copy of its SSL certificate. The web server sends back a digitally signed acknowledgement to start an SSL encrypted session. Encrypted data is shared between the browser/server and the web server.