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Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Best performance for online gaming

AMD Ryzen processors, based on ZEN 2 architecture

server with cpu
ps joystick

Game Severs Price List

Save $46.36by getting 0 months free with annual prepay
$150.78 Monthly

Game Dedicated Server HT-GAME-1

Save $66.16by getting 0 months free with annual prepay
$226.18 Monthly

Game Dedicated Server HT-GAME-2

Game Server Features

Game Server Features

Anti-DDoS system is included with all of your game dedicated servers to ensures the continuity of service of your applications in case of attack.

FREE 500 GB of storage space

Each game server has a dedicated storage space of 500 GB, to backups. This storage, completely independent of the server.

Game Firewall

Game Server permanently protected against frequent massive threats. DDoS attacks exploit the non-connected mode for UDP

Why Game server

Best AMD Ryzen platform Prefomance

Game dedicated server designed for video game designers and for host streaming platforms.

Based on AMD Ryzen platform, our servers are designed to offer users a lag free experience. Gamers will play games without any limits in terms of performance and stability. 

AMD Ryzen processors, based on ZEN 2 architecture,  specially designed to manage parallel tasks, image and video processing, and online multi-player game hosting.

List of Games

Software programs for Game server

Dedicated Game Server FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

A dedicated game server is a hosting server that is used primarily for hosting multiplayer online gaming that can be accessible to a customer worldwide.therefore users connect to this server to play a game together as a community.

Basicaly this depdnes on Game Operating System requirements, further Some game servers support a variety of Operating Systems, so you should choose the one you are most familiar with and that is most frequently updated. We offer both Linux Operating Systems and Microsoft Windows server Operating Systems.