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Special Conditions For Additional IP addresses

Last Revised Update: December 7, 2020


The terms “we”, “us” or “our” refer to “STS Host and Tech INC”. The terms “You” and “Your” and “he” and “she” refer to You as the customer of “STS Host and Tech INC” Services, or any agent, employee, servant or person authorized to act on Your behalf.



These Special Conditions supplement the “STS Host And Tech INC” General Conditions (the “General Conditions”) and are intended to set out the conditions for booking IP address resources from the Supplier Requests for and use of these resources are subject to full acceptance of these Special Conditions. In the event of a conflict between these Special Conditions and the General Conditions, these Special Conditions shall prevail.

Description Of IP Address Service

Additional IP addresses shall be ordered by the Customer having at least one of our dedicated server or VPS package that allow more IP Address, at any time directly through you’r client area. Each “STS Host And Tech INC” dedicated server or VPS Server Package can be allocated a set number of additional IP addresses. The limits are defined and accessible on the our website each additional IP address is automatically included within the monthly invoicing cycle of our dedicated server or VPS Package to which it is allocated. In addition, you shall be invoiced for each additional IP address on renew period of Dedicated server or VPS Package.

Conditions For Allocating An Ip Address To Our Company. (Dedicated Server And Vps Packages)

The IP addresses allocated to you cannot be sold by you to a third party. You can, if you wishe, switch an additional IP address to another “STS Host And Tech INC” dedicated server ,”switch option not available on VPS Packages” . This operation must be perform by sending technical ticket to our technical support. The allocation of an IP address to another one of our dedicated server is then counted in the maximum number of IP addresses that can be associated with the relevant ours dedicated server. Any additional IP address is automatically included within the monthly invoicing cycle of ours dedicated server to which it is allocated. In addition, you shall be invoiced for each additional IP address when renews customer dedicated server. Before performing switch, we will verify the re-allocation of the additional IP address of the original our dedicated server to the intended “STS Host And Tech INC” dedicated server, and you shall be the administrator for both our dedicated servers. Otherwise the reallocation will not be possible. The Customer acknowledges that the number of additional IP addresses that can be assigned to our dedicated servers is limited and shall not exceed the maximum limit that defined on our website.

Obligations And Liability

  • You comply to use the IP address allocated in compliance with our general and special conditions
  • You shall abstain from sending mass email messages (spam) through the IP addresses allocated by us.
  • You shall retain sole liability for using the resources that are allocated to it.
  • You shall make Reverse of these additional IP addresses.
  • We undertake to use all due care and effort to ensure successful provision of you’r IP addresses on our dedicated server(s) determined by you.
  • We undertake to provide unlisted IP addresses and, in the event that such addresses have been listed when used by a previous customer,
  • We shall take all due care to delist the address, or failing this, to provide new IP addresses after five working days without obtaining such delisting.
  • We shall and retain the right to block any IP address or block of IPs that allocated to you if it constitutes a risk to the security of our platform, or any public platform whether as a consequence of a malicious act or detection of a flaw in the system’s security Likewise.
  • We retain the right to withdraw all of you’r IP addresses if these contractual conditions are not complied with us excludes all liability regarding the use made by the customer of the IP addresses allocated to it by us.
  • You retain sole liability in the event of unlawful, fraudulent use of IP addresses that it owns.
  • We undertake to implement the technical resources necessary to protect you’r IP addresses  in particular when they are victims of software attacks.
  • We retain the right to refuse any new additional Ip address without needing to justify the reason to you. Such refusal may be based on many different reasons, such as, but not limited to:insufficient resources resources , non-compliance with our contractual terms, IP addresses listed because of  you’r usage ,or continuous spending mass spams.


You can terminate any additional IP addresses through “STS Host And Tech INC” client area. We retain the right the keep invoicing you for the additional IP if the IP address does not have a negative and good reputation or if is blacklisted by any organization for SPAMHAUS and Phishing or malicious , until you take all necessary steps with regard to the organization that listed the address to ensure that they delist it. Such operation confirms that the IP address’s reputation is not damaged and that, consequently, it can be reallocated to a new customer.